Our Services

Managed Uber vehicles

We provide full management services for Uber vehicles, maximizing your return on investment! We handle all aspects, including vehicle finance, approval, driver recruitment and continuous performance management.

Fleet Management

Our dedicated fleet management software allows you to maintain full control over your fleet’s performance. Integrate directly to your Uber data and vehicle telemetry to know exactly how your assets perform.

Bespoke tracking solutions

We can provide you with the tracking services you need, whether your fleet has 5 or 500 vehicles. Our bespoke tracking devices allow you to unlock hidden potential in your fleet.

Uber Management Service
  • ABT Client Dashboard
  • Driver Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Fine Management
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Bi-weekly vehicle checks
  • Driver Recruitment
per vehicle / week
Our bespoke fleet management software, specific to Uber. Fully integrated, live Uber earnings and view vehicle locations.
Tracking System
Month to month vehicle tracker with live integration to Fleetman. See current location or for a past date and time. No long-term contract, full flexibility.
Vehicle Check
Comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic inspection at regular intervals with detailed comparison report.
Driver Recruitment
Our dedicated recruiters are constantly sourcing the most qualified drivers from multiple sources. Tried and tested screening ensures only the best drivers for your fleet.
Driver Management
24/7 driver monitoring & support. We assist with contracts, training, fuel management, payment statment and disciplinary processes.
Vehicle Management
Bi-weekly vehicle checks, facilitating repairs and maintenance, monitoring and redirection of fines, assisting with insurance claims, as well as monitoring vehicle status, licensing and service intervals, etc.
Fine Management
We pro-actively monitor any fines recorded against your vehicles and assist in facilitating redirects and settlement quotations.

We can provide bespoke management services, contact us for more!